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Monday, March 22, 2010

Free photo research tool

If you're a blogger, photo researcher or designer you're going to love this cool website which offers an excellent way of finding free images for use in your projects. Photoree describes itself as the equivalent of and stumbleupon, but for images. Essentially it serves up images based on your preferences. On signing up you create some filters to let the search know what you're interested in. Then, by rating what the site serves up you effectively fine tune these filters so the quality and relevance of images it suggests should improve as you use it.

It is a great idea and even without specifying free images only most of the content Photoree is indexing at the moment is creative commons, so it is a very effective way of creating a regular automated lookout for free to use images you might be interested in on Flickr.

Click here to visit Photoree.

Click here for more on finding free photos on Flickr.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

High quality fresh images for your blog

Having premium images in your blog posts can really help your blogging by improving the quality of your content and bringing seo benefits.
Sports News - March 15, 2010

It hasen't always been easy to find great images and stay within the law though! Fortunately there is now no need to resort to grabbing photos via google images with little regard to copyright; millions of fresh high quality images are now freely available to bloggers via PicApp.

Photos from top sources like Corbis and Getty Images are constantly being added covering all current affairs and events from the world's top press and stock photographers. It is easy to find photos and grab a slice of code to embed into your blog post; all the pics in this post come from PicApp. The deal is that sponsored ads will display over the images when they are moused over; a pretty reasonable price to pay for the use of images you'd otherwise have to steal or pay a high price for.

Both creative and editorial images are available but this is probably most useful for anyone running a current affairs, news or celebrity / gossip type blog where the availabilty of up to date high quality images will be extremely useful. PicApp supports most of the popular blogging platforms and has a plugin for wordpress users with others on the way. So if you need a shot of Paris Hilton's latest shopping trip look no further!
Chirpy chickie Paris Hilton prepares for Easter with a trip to the Beverly Glen Market