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free sexy blonde woman photo

Dreamstime come up trumps again with their excellent collection of free to use images. This beautiful shot of a sexy sensual blonde woman looking at the camera is definitely a cut above the average standard it is usually easy to find for free. The photographer also has several more images of the same model from the same shoot that could be useful and are available cheaply. This shot is available here at a full resolution size of 1833x2750 pixels (5 MP). Click here to visit Dreamstime's free photos section.

Free Halloween Graphics

Looking for some free Halloween images? Canstockphoto currently have this vector available as free download. Pretty useful as it's almost four images in one! Get this image for free at

Free stock images at shutterstock

Over at Shutterstock they've got a bit of a balloon theme going on this week with their free images. Each week Shutterstock offer a free photo and a free vector, so it's worth creating a free account so you can grab a couple of free images every week. Visit Shutterstock.
If you're a regular blogger and / or you maintain a large website you'll be familiar with the need for a regular supply of fresh photos and images to illustrate your posts and web content. Depositphotos have a promotion that may well be of interest. If you can write a review of their site they'll reward you with a free subscription you can use for your own image needs. Get a free image subscription at Depositphotos.
Free stock photo of a tractor bailing straw. It is available as a free high res download now from istockphoto.
Crestock are great site to keep at the forefront of your mind when you want a regular supply of free stock photos. Every day they make new image available for free download; so it's worth visiting regularly! Click here for the daily free image. If that wasn't enough (it is pretty good isn't it?!) they also run a weekly fun contest offering the opportunity to win 50 Crestock credits to download just the images you need for free. The contest is good fun too; you have to choose an image from their collection to illustrate a stimulus they've provided. Currently they've a Holloween inspired quote When witches go riding, and black cats are seen the moon laughs and whispers. 'tis near Halloween. Why not head over and see if you can pick the winning image? There could be 50 free Crestock Credits in it! Win 50 Crestock Credits.

Free Fall Road trip photo

Here's a lovely road shot hinting at the beauty of Autumn colours we're just heading into. Great time for a road trip! It's currently available as a free download from istock.

Coffee beans mug shape photo

Here's a cool photo of coffee beans arranged to make a picture of a mug of coffee. Great little concept object shot and really useful with it being against a white background so it can easily be dropped into designs.

Get the full size image(2490x1968 pixels) as a free download from Dreamstime.

Delicious cherries free photo

So it's summer, almost! Well, it pays to think in advance with stock photos. Ok, I know you guys down in the Southern hemisphere will argue the point but you know you can't please all the people all the time.

Anyway, on to the photo. Even if it isn't feeling too summery where you are this gorgeous image is bound to get your taste buds salivating and warm you up. Cherries anyone?

You know the one downside to cherries? They're often so damn expensive! Well not these ones; get the full res image for free at Dreamstime's Free Images.

Free money

Free money! Now there's an attention grabber? Well it's a free photo of money, hey, what did you expect? You don't really want to find a free bag of money though do you, they always come with catches. Someone is going to come looking for you and that money surely. Remember shallow grave?

This is much safer; it's just a photo!

Grab the full size image from Dreamstime and run for it!

Birthday girl free stock photo

Love this photo! Cute kid, beautiful colour, instantly communicates birhday! It's currently available as a free download from istock.

Free spa stock photo

Positive aspirational lifestyle images are always useful and spa photos are a good example. Here's a great shot of a beautiful young woman relaxing in a spa; pampering indulgence!

The photo is currently available for free form istockphoto. Remember istock don't keep their freebies available as free downloads forever so if you'd like this shot for your library go grab it now!

Free business chart success stock photo

Another useful staple stock photo is the business objects depicting success and progress and charts are often the most effective prop for these. Here's a nice candid snap shot looking image of a business person's desk with papaperwork and drained cup of coffee. A view many a desk worker will find familiar and for that reason a simple but effective photo.

The full resolution image (2010x3036 pixels) is available as a free download from Dreamstime.

Free photo of water drops on leaves

Another useful classic of stock photography is the water drops on nice green leaves. It perfectly illustrates concepts of nature, health, cleanliness and green environmental issues.

This is available as free download from Dreamstime.

Click here to browse more free stock photos at Dreamstime.

free baby stock photo

Another great image from Dreamstime's free images section.

This nice clean shot of a cute baby is simple but a cut above a regular portrait with the child being shown holding a drinking cup.

The full size image is 2048x3072 pixels (6.3 MP) and can be downloaded for free here.

free gambling playing cards photo

Need to illustrate any concepts like chance, luck, risk or gambling?

This free photo could well do the job for you!

Free rust background texture photo

Here's a useful rusty metal background photo that could also work well as a texture overlay.

Grab the full size image (2900x2175 pixels 6.3 MP) for free from Dreamstime.

paperwork stress free stock photo

This image of an office worker drowning in paperwork and waving a flag asking for help has a multitude of possible uses to illustrate work stress, work life balance and overworked themes etc. It is currently available for free from istockphoto.

Free photo of woman using laptop isolated on white

A healthy natural looking attractive young woman using a laptop computer. It's a shot that always seems to be useful and is worth having several versions on file ready for when you need to create a design illustrating any sort of online activity. This one is isolated on white so easy to drop into designs and/or work around. Better still it is available for free from Dreamstime!

Grab the full size file (3788x2500 pixels 9.5 MP) here.

Win an ipad2 at Bigstock

Feeling lucky?

Bigstock is a hugely improved stock source since the Shutterstock takeover and they currently have a tempting promotion; for every credit used downloading images between now and May 20th you get an entry into the draw to win an ipad2.

Those ipads are certainly great for showcasing images and designs so if you fancy one for free it could be worth making Bigstock your first port of call for stock images over the next few weeks. Good luck!

More free photos from Fotolia on Facebook.

Most of the microstock sites offer free images in addition to their low price photos. The way each site approaches having a free offering does vary quite a bit from the minimal but high quality offerig from istock to the excellent resource of Dreamstime's free collection.

Fotolia maintain a small but regularly updated collection on thier site. However they now also have a facebook page which if you do the facebook thing is worth checking out to access a larger number of free stock photos from Fotolia.

Free photo of Easter Eggs in basket

With Easter coming up istockphoto currently have this photo of Easter Eggs in a basket available as a free download.

Free stock photo subscription offer

If you haven't previously checked out DepositPhotos now is a good time to visit! They are a relatively new site with fresh content and some nice inovative ideas like sms licenses and short term subscriptions. The later can be really handy when you do sometimes need more images than usual for a short period and it makes sense to sign up with a stock library to cover a busy period.

At the moment DepositPhotos are offering 7 day subscriptions for free with an allowance of 5 image downloads a day. So you can get 35 images totally free! That could well be all you need for your next project and certainly sounds like an offer too good to refuse!

Free watermelon stock photo for summer designs

With summer fast approaching (yay!) here's a great useful and of course free stock photo from Dreamstime.

The watermelon is a bit of a staple for designers working on summer themes, and why not? It communicates the pleasures of the warmer months easily and quickly. Grab the full high resolution image here.

Bigstock coupon code offer

There's been big changes at Bigstock recently and if you haven't tried them for a while now could be a good time check out what they offer with an expanded collection of over 6.4 million images and licenses from as low as $1.

BigStock coupon code offer;

Buy 25 Credits, get 5 Free (a $15 value)


Expires 18th March 2011.

free stock photo of wheel clamp on car

Here's a photo of a car clamped with a wheel clamp. This image is available under creative commons; please link back if you use it online!

Wheel Clamp by freeroyaltyfreephotos is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.