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Delicious cherries free photo

So it's summer, almost! Well, it pays to think in advance with stock photos. Ok, I know you guys down in the Southern hemisphere will argue the point but you know you can't please all the people all the time.

Anyway, on to the photo. Even if it isn't feeling too summery where you are this gorgeous image is bound to get your taste buds salivating and warm you up. Cherries anyone?

You know the one downside to cherries? They're often so damn expensive! Well not these ones; get the full res image for free at Dreamstime's Free Images.

Free money

Free money! Now there's an attention grabber? Well it's a free photo of money, hey, what did you expect? You don't really want to find a free bag of money though do you, they always come with catches. Someone is going to come looking for you and that money surely. Remember shallow grave?

This is much safer; it's just a photo!

Grab the full size image from Dreamstime and run for it!

Birthday girl free stock photo

Love this photo! Cute kid, beautiful colour, instantly communicates birhday! It's currently available as a free download from istock.

Free spa stock photo

Positive aspirational lifestyle images are always useful and spa photos are a good example. Here's a great shot of a beautiful young woman relaxing in a spa; pampering indulgence!

The photo is currently available for free form istockphoto. Remember istock don't keep their freebies available as free downloads forever so if you'd like this shot for your library go grab it now!

Free business chart success stock photo

Another useful staple stock photo is the business objects depicting success and progress and charts are often the most effective prop for these. Here's a nice candid snap shot looking image of a business person's desk with papaperwork and drained cup of coffee. A view many a desk worker will find familiar and for that reason a simple but effective photo.

The full resolution image (2010x3036 pixels) is available as a free download from Dreamstime.